Our Sales Skills

The complete freight outsourcing solution managed from a single counter to support strong growth. We have solutions for each specific product.

- Experienced Sales staff : customers services & ground sellers
- Optimize Customers mix-balance between global & local freight forwarders
- Market analysis & forecasts
- Regular meetings & performance reviews
- E-freight management
- Marketing sales: cargo sustainability, airline branding
- High emphasis on sales Marketing,
- Work closely with our offline offices
- AVI & Perishables
- Pharmaceutical & Health products
- Air Mail
- Aerospace logistic
- Design, develop & set up new or specific products

Our Operation Skills

A Very Tailor made service for all operation needs :

- Implementation of a fully automated cargo reservations & information system
which connects airlines, handlers and forwarding agents in a completely secure environment.
- Development & monitoring of SOP’s and other cargo communications protocols
- Network of cargo acceptance points at all airports Direct ex-works pick up service
- Loading Supervision to maximize volumetric uplift & Capacity control
- Customs facilitation
- Interline operations
- Trucking management
- Tracking & tracing
- Implementation of dedicated team to supervise 7/7 all ramp and GHA supervision for inbound and outbound flew
- Supervision of build up pallet & ULD supervision
- Management of all documentation in and out
- Task force to handle & supervise safety in the ground

Our Administration Skills

Dedicated set up for all billing operations:

- Billing, Administration, Collection for airfreight Transport, through CASS & not Cass (Direct invoices)
- Management of all related cost (handling, securisation, trucking…)
- Full transparancy on billing details
- Punctual & Accurate payments
- Financial reportings
- Keys: We can care for all your back office support

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